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    What is Article Submission in SEO?

    Article submission in SEO is an off page activity which consists of submitting long relevant SEO optimized articles on article submission sites.

    By submitting articles, the website creates backlinks, the higher the number of backlinks the higher it ranks on a SERP.

    An important aspect of Article submission is that it attracts traffic to the website, which is great for Website brand awareness.

    What are the advantages of Article submission in SEO?

    The following points are the advantages of Article submission in SEO









    • Article writing builds backlinks for your website.
    • Multiple Articles generates connections for your websites.
    • Good Articles improves Brand awareness and presence.
    • Relevant Articles improve traffic and ranking of the websites.
    • Articles contain focus keywords of the website, Internal linking is possible.
    • It’s a free and effective method for Website marketing to gain traffic.
    • Search engine platforms have a find it easier to rank the page.


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    While submitting article in case user received following error message “Your Connection is not Private” click on Advance Button and than Click “Proceed to” Link


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