SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing

Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) is a new type of marketing. It helps you to interact with a wider audience in a very short extent of time. It is a new form of marketing used by the modern companies for branding and promoting their business. This marketing approach can be used for both existing and potential customers. Due to the high level of mobile phone ownership, SMS has become an effective alternative to traditional sources of marketing.

There are many features for the bulk SMS marketing such as the SMS marketing has the higher conversion rates than conservative media such as TV, Radio and print. And people are more tempted to forward or enquire about the SMS. People are much interested to participate in the SMS contests. Many of the marketing companies have exposed that sales conversion is done through the bulk SMS marketing than any other type of marketing. Whether you are running small or big industry, the Bulk SMS Marketing can bring a big push to your business.

Our bulk SMS marketing solution guarantees you the profit in your business and our service is very affordable. Gurmeet’s Digital World give the correct information for the correct people at the correct time. We give this service to all types of business and any manner. Sending these economical Bulk SMS can expand you more clients and business. GsDW are best in it.

   Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

  • It is a direct and immediate channel.
  • Short codes are used to simplify response and build your database.
  • It can support and integrate with other channels.
  • You can get to know more about your customers.
  • You can increase the rate of customer engagement.
  • Response data enables to monitor, track and improve.
  • The omnipresence of Mobile Phones.
  • Closes the Email Marketing Loop.
  • Great for growing markets.
  • High Engagement Rate.

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SMS MARKETING November 30, 2019