List of Top Machine Learning Training Institutes in Pune

Here is the List of Top Machine Learning Institutes in Pune

Machine Learning Institutes that offer refined methods to coach Machine Learning seekers in a better way. Tremendous development in data analytics, big data and data science, the need of machine learning training in Pune has grown widely. Machine Learning in Pune is essential in today’s world to make sure a career switch as worth as much you put into it.

So what is Machine Learning? Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence which trains computers and machines to predict

Note – These Machine Learning courses are currently available and may not be available in future. Kindly verify with the website for more course information prior enrolling.



Simplilearn Profile – Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers. We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

Our training courses are designed and updated by 2000+ renowned industry experts. Our blended learning approach combines online classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, project work, and 24/7 teaching assistance. Our vibrant community of experts and certified professionals is a powerful resource pool of tips, tricks, and insightful advice. More than 40 global training organizations have recognized us as an official provider of certification training. We have been named the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn.

Machine Learning Course Curriculum


The Machine Learning certification course is well-suited for participants at the intermediate level including, analytics managers, business analysts, information architects, developers looking to become data scientists, and graduates seeking a career in Data Science and Machine Learning.


This Machine Learning course requires an understanding of basic statistics and mathematics at the college level. Familiarity with Python programming is also beneficial. You should understand these fundamental courses including Python for Data Science, Math Refresher, and Statistics Essential for Data Science, before getting into the Machine Learning online course.

Course Content

 Machine Learning – 
Course Introduction
Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
Data Preprocessing
Supervised Learning
Feature Engineering
Supervised Learning Classification
Unsupervised Learning
Time Series Modeling
Ensemble Learning
Recommend-er Systems
Text Mining
Project Highlights

Data Science with Python
Course Overview
Data Science Overview
Data Analytics Overview
Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
Python Environment Setup and Essentials
Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)
Scientific computing with Python (Scipy)

Data Manipulation with Pandas
Machine Learning with Scikit–Learn
Natural Language Processing with Scikit Learn
Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib
Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
Python integration with Hadoop MapReduce and Spark
Practice Projects

Math Refresher
Math Refresher

Statistics Essential for Data Science
Sample or population data
The fundamentals of descriptive statistics
Measures of central tendency, asymmetry, and variability
Practical example descriptive statistics
Estimators and Estimates
Confidence intervals advanced topics
Practical example inferential statistics
Hypothesis testing Introduction
Hypothesis testing Let’s start testing!
Practical example hypothesis testing
The fundamentals of regression analysis
Subtleties of regression analysis
Assumptions for linear regression analysis
Dealing with categorical data
Practical example regression analysis



Ethans Profile -Ethan’s is established with the aim of providing 100% practical corporate level training and learning experience of essential IT courses to all working IT professionals throughout India. We provide training by corporate trainers and real time professionals. We are driven by our belief in the potential of new technologies to enrich IT industry.

Our passion is to bring more than what we have of experience and excellence. We explain to client the services we provide in a crystal clear manner to differentiate the competitive market with cost effective scenario to create professional working environment. We develop the project or product based on the market analysis which gives client satisfaction and confident to improve their business. Ethan’s Tech are quite noticeable in corporate world to increase the number of visitors.

Ethans training institute, Pune introduce you world class Machine Learning training in Pune (Pimple saudagar and Kharadi area). Our Machine Learning Training includes Python Programming, Machine Learning with Python.

  • Python & Machine Learning Training at Ethans Tech is providing by Jatin, Mitesh, Abhinandan, Nikhil, Kalpesh, Vikram and Ayush Sir at three different locations in Pune, i.e. Pimple Saudagar, Baner and Kharadi. All  trainers are working professional having average 10+ years of exp in IT. They have an average 4.5/5 star feedback by the students.
  • Our Python and ML program consist, Python Foundation, DB Interface, Regular Ex, API Development, Webscrapping, Machine Learning Algos in details. For Details Syllabus visit our Syllabus tab.
  • This program expected to take 16-18 weekends with total 30 classes, each class is having three hours training. It can take lesser time if the number of hours per day is increased.
  • Duration: Duration of the program is 100 hours, consist weekdays and weekends classes.
  • Pre-requisites for Machine Learning Training: No prerequisites required to learn ML (This course is very useful for students).
  • Lab:  55 hours’ lab sessions + 6 mini projects are included in the program
  • Objective of this program is to provide 100% practical, interview and certification oriented training. It is expected that students will easily crack Python amd ML interview and have advance knowledge of ML algos.
  •  Lab: Execises on Python, Multiple Algorithims in ML

After the Machine Learning classes:

  • Students is confident in Python and ML, able to do projects indivisually.
  • Students will have good understanding on Python and Machine Learning, help them to crack interviews
  • Deep Learning Concepts are clear and ready towork indivisually

Who gets this machine learning training in pune?

  • Robotics Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analysts
  • Hadoop Developers
  • Python for Data Science
  • College Graduates


Website :

Codekul Profile:

Since 2014 we have started our Best leading training institute i.e{code}kul; – The Gurukul for coders!

.We all are the professional developers and we are enthusiastic to deliver our knowledge as per industry standard to the students who are coming into Information Technology field.

We have a big team to teach each and every technology what world demands.

We follow our tag line “Implementation is more important than learning “. We tell our students practicing the code more you will get the success than learning.

Why Codekul is Best?
We are code blooded
We teach code in very simple way
We are industry experts with 8+ years of experience
Code lab is the only key to be the coder
We adopt coding trends agilely
We create most demanding coders
Recruiters hunt coders from us
We build startups
100 % Practical approach while training.
Get the work on live projects
100% job placement Assistance.
Well-equipped Computerized Laboratories
Course completion certificate
Innovative Classrooms and infrastructure
Low Courses fees
Proper Wi-Fi connectivity, AC Classes
Digital Notes
Flexible batch timing
student referral bonus
Easy Accessible location
Conducted seminars on Colleges and corporate field
(Job oriented) Industry needs Full stack Developers Courses
We have quality experience and certified trainers to solve each and every queries
Online training, classroom training, virtual training, one to one training,

Training Experience:

      • We have trained 500+ candidates so far
      • Conducted 30+ corporate training’s
      • Conducted 15 college seminars
      • 13 batches are running daily
      • 8 weekend batches are getting executed
      • One YouTube channel for frequent code casts

Objectives of Machine Learning 

      • Working with Machine Learning automation tool.
      • Identifying various applications machine learning algorithm.
      • Identifying classification data and models.
      • Getting knowledge about on Artificial Intelligence.
      • Decision tree learning.
      • Understand deep learning.
      • Analyze data using machine learning algorithm.

Machine Learning Course Syllabus

      • Introduction to Machine Learning
      • linear Regression in machine learning
      • Logistic Regression in machine learning
      • K Nearest Neighbors
      • Decision Tree Machine Learning Example
      • Random Forests
      • Support Vector Machines
      • K Means Clustering Algorithm in Machine Learning
      • Natural Language Processing with Python


Website  :

DataMites Profile : DataMites  is  one of the leading training provider offering cost-effective, quality and real time training courses on this booming analytics field. We offer specialization courses in Data science, Machine learning, Data Mining, Tableau associate Text Mining, Python programming, Deep Learning and Minitab. A name for excellence, DataMites’s main motive is to create professionals who can boldly withstand the complexities of this competitive analytics field. Our training courses are perfectly designed by experts with strong experience and industry background to impart better knowledge for the candidates attending the training. Offering quality training at cost effective rates have made us a successful training provider. Many freshers, software professionals, analytics, interested candidates and corporate companies have been benefited by our industry best training.

Pune also hosts leading software companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, TCS, L&T Infotech, etc. There are various employments in the IT part with a large group of the IT organizations in Pune which give fresher’s occupations. Securing positions Machine Learning and Data Science employments in Pune is simpler then before now as corporates, MNCs and state are making new occupations in this area all the time and it is developing aggressively

DataMites Machine Learning Course in Pune will allow you to dive deep into the Machine Learning concepts in an organized way. We offer it as a complete course covering both the intensive training sessions plus hands-on labs for the following in-demand topics

  1. Python for Machine Learning,
  2. Machine Learning Associate,
  3. Machine Learning expert,
  4. Time series foundation,
  5. Model deployment (Flask-API),
  6. Deep Learning -CNN Foundation,

DataMites Machine Learning training is conducted in Pune as a 2months/64 hours duration course in a well-structured three phase module.

The structured three phase module of this course are

Phase 1 (15 Days)

Pre-course study helps you to develop your knowledge on the introduction of Machine Learning. It is a self-study phase that needs to be completed before entering to phase 2 module. Phase 1 includes high-quality videos, E-books covering the syllabus of Machine Learning essentials and Practice Materials. Furthermore, it facilitates the candidates to practice scripts at a cloud lab conveniently.

Phase 2 (2 Months)

This is the most crucial part of the training that comes with fulltime intensive training sessions through any of the convenient channels, Traditional Classroom Training, Live Instructor-Led Online Training, and Self Paced Learning / E-learning. This phase covers the next higher level syllabus of Machine Learning Associate and expert.

Phase 3 PAT Services (4 Months)

This is a dedicated part for candidates to make them market ready after the series of intensive coaching and learning. It covers 4-month Project Mentoring, exposure to 5+ detailed Industry related projects, revision sessions, access to an extensive collection of interview questions, resume support, mock interview sessions, job updates and experience certificate.

On completion of these well-orchestrated series of DataMites Machine Learning phases allow the aspirants to explore heights in their Machine Learning career.

The Key Features of Machine Learning Training in Pune

Project Mentoring: You can gain experience by working on live projects from global AI and ML Solution providers.

Revision Sessions: Lots of revisions and multiple opportunities to clarify your doubts with our chief Data Scientist even after course completion.

Resume Support: You can curate a customized resume at the hands of experts to make your first impression the best one.

Interview Questions: Equip yourself with the latest interview questions and answers to face the interviews confidently.

Mock Interviews: Our experts will help you to increase your job interview success rate and get hired quickly by practicing numerous mock interview sessions.

Job Updates: All latest job updates which are validated and perspective are posted regularly by PAT Team in PAT Facebook group.

The prospects for Machine Learning is seeing an increasing curve and beginning a career in ML needs an intensive training from a recognized training provider. DataMites is India’s top-ranked training provider, accredited by IABAC, delivering different training courses on Machine Learning in various cities in India. With at least two batches starting every month, the aspiring professionals can easily enroll for classroom or online ML course in Pune with DataMites


Website :

KnowledgeHut Profile  – KnowledgeHut is a leading training provider, helping professionals across industries and sectors develop new expertise and bridge their skill gap for recognition and growth in the global corporate world.Developed with the intention of delivering high value training through innovative and practical approaches, KnowledgeHut offers a wide range of services in training, learning and development in the fields of technology and management.

The founders of the company are zealous young entrepreneurs, who were motivated by the need to fill a niche in the IT Training industry for professionals and they are aided in their goal by industry experts who conduct the workshops; igniting minds and motivating professionals to face on-the-job challenges.


So what is Machine Learning? Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence which trains computers and machines to predict outcomes based on examples and previous experiences, without the need of explicit programming.

Our Machine learning course will help you to solve data problems using major Machine Learning algorithms, which includes Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Semi-supervised Learning algorithms. It will help you to understand and learn:

  • The basic concepts of the Python Programming language
  • About Python libraries (Scipy, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Numpy, Pandas,)
  • The data structure of Python
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Basic Descriptive And Inferential Statistics before advancing to serious Machine learning development.
  • Different stages of Data Exploration/Cleaning/Preparation in Python

The Machine Learning Course with Python by KnowledgeHut is a 48 hour, instructor-led live training sessions course, with 80 hours of MCQs and assignments. It also includes 45 hours of hands-on practical session, along with 10 live projects.

Why Learn Machine Learning from Knowledgehut?

Our Machine Learning course with Python will help you get hands-on experience of the following:

  1. Learn to implement statistical operations in Excel.
  2. Get a taste of how to start work with data in Python.
  3. Understand various optimization techniques like Batch Gradient Descent, Stochastic Gradient Descent, ADAM, RMSProp.
  4. Learn Linear and Logistic Regression with Stochastic Gradient Descent through real-life case studies.
  5. Learn about unsupervised learning technique – K-Means Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering. Real Life Case Study on K-means Clustering.
  6. Learn about Decision Trees for regression & classification problems through a real-life case study.
  7. Get knowledge on Entropy, Information Gain, Standard Deviation reduction, Gini Index, CHAID.
  8. Learn the implementation of Association Rules. You will learn to use the Apriori Algorithm to find out strong associations using key metrics like Support, Confidence and Lift. Further, you will learn what are UBCF and IBCF and how they are used in Recommender Engines.



Website :

About Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI)

We began our journey in the year 1999. In this long time span, we have gained a tremendous experience in the field of programming and engineering. We are a team of qualified trainers with a vast experience in fields like

Web designing Training, Android Training, Big Data & Hadoop Training in Pune

We have created a proper IT training courses structure & duration to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the courses that we offer.

We highly focus on the quality of our training staff and the lab infrastructure, so that the students can understand the concepts and practice them in a better way

Topics covered in our Machine Learning training sessions:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning:
    • What is ML?
    • Essential Math for ML – Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra
    • Essential Python Libraries – Anaconda, NumPy, Pandas, Sci-Kit, MatPlotLib
  • Supervised Learning
    • Gradient Descend, Loss Function
    • Regression
    • Classification
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Model Selection Procedure
    • Supervised Learning Project in Python Part – 1
  • Unsupervised Learning
    • K-Means
    • Hierarchical clustering
    • Density-Based Spatial Clustering
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Unsupervised Learning Project in Python Part – 2
  • Miscellaneous
    • Dimensionality reduction
    • Ensemble learning
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    • Introduction
    • Tensor Flow 2.0
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
    • CNN in Tensor Flow 2.0
    • CNN Learning Project in TensorFlow & Keras Part – 3
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
    • RNN in Tensor Flow 2.0
    • Auto Encoders
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • RNN Learning Project in TensorFlow & Keras Project Part – 4
    • NLTK Project in Part – 5
  • Final Project
    • Setting up
    • Building and Training the Network Part 6
    • Building and Training the Network Part 7

Prerequisites for Machine Learning training:

Knowledge of Python language and Maths before you enroll for any Machine Learning training course.

Total duration of Machine Learning training sessions: 72 hrs | 12 weeks

Final Words

It was a pretty long blog post but I have tried to include maximum information possible to help you make a decision. If you are looking for a Machine Learning course in Pune, Maharashtra

You can choose any one of the institutes from the above list and take up a Machine Learning course based on your requirements. However, make sure you understand the institute better before enrolling, by checking out their websites or by visiting them personally. Let the amount you are spending on a Machine Learning course be worth it!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

If you have a Machine Learning course or training institute in Pune and if you want to include your information here, please contact me from the contact page in this blog.

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