Social Media Optimization (SMO) Course


What is Social Media Optimization (SMO) Course?

Social Media is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Using social media for marketing can enable small business looking to further their reach to more customers. Your customers are interacting with brands through social media; therefore, having a strong social media presence on the web is the key to tap into their interest. If implemented correctly, marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your business.

In this module, we’ve focused on providing practical social media optimization skills to the trainees, to assist them get more traffic and have interaction audience during a better manner, as a part of their Digital Marketing endeavours. It covers strategies and techniques for all the most important and popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Apart from this, the learners are going to be exposed to the most recent/latest trends in social media, social media tools etc. By the end of this one, learners will become proficient in Social Media Optimization, and its use for online marketing

SMO features a splendid future and it’s going to be mainstream for every business. SMO is critical for any business to attach with its customers and increase its reach. Presently, many organizations specially recruit freshers and experienced individuals who have thorough knowledge of SMO/SMM. They’re on the constant look of these Social Media Optimization professionals who can help them to accomplish their business goals through social media with powerful branding and marketing techniques.

Gurmeet’s Digital World will make you industry ready during a manner that you simply are going to be on every recruiter’s radar!!! Post SMO/SMM Training Opportunities:

Post successful completion of Social Media Optimization/Social Media Marketing training at Gurmeet’s Digital World, one would emerge to be a licensed Social Media Optimization Professional or a Social Media Marketing Professional.

Why Social Media? Here is the data

    Face book: Active monthly users: 1.55 Billion.

    YouTube: Active monthly users: 1 Billion.

    Google +: Active monthly users: 540 Million.

    Instagram: Active monthly users: 400 Million.

    Twitter: Active monthly users: 320 Million.

    LinkedIn: Active monthly users: 100 Million

    Pinterest: Active monthly users: 100 Million

Social Media Training Benefits:

     To Discover what your social media plan Should be

     To Get Skills your Consultants don’t have

     To Make your Job Easier everyday

     To Become Go-To Social Media Resource

     Get skills that are in Demand

     Increase Profits and to achieve Business Goals 

Benefits of Social Media:

   Free                        Driving Traffic

  Branding               Lead Creation

  Education             Engagement

   Gain valuable customer insights

    Provide rich customer experiences

    Find out what your competitors are doing

    Share content faster and easier

    Geo target content


    What is social media?

    How can social media help my business?

    Social Media Training: The Big Picture

    Conversations, relationships, word of mouth and transparency

    The key Social Media tools and networks

    Establishing your online identity and message

    The consolidated approach

      Why should you blog and What should you to blog about?

      The main types of blog post

      Research methods for writing quality, timely content

      Engaging your audience with video

      Making best use of specific Social Media platforms

     An introduction to Social Media and Facebook in particular

     What is Facebook and why do so many people use it?

     What are the business benefits of a Facebook profile?

     The ground rules; the major do’s and don’t about creating a business profile on


     How it works – the basics

     How it works – the advanced and little known features

     Etiquette on Facebook

     Getting your message across on Facebook

     Building your brand on Facebook

     Connecting and research with Facebook

     Creating new customers and keeping them

     Driving visitors to your website through Facebook

     Enhancing your Facebook activity

     Direct communication with your Facebook ‘friends’

    How can Facebook be used to aid my business?

     How does Twitter work?

     Setting up a Twitter account

     Re-tweets, hashtags and lists

     Managing and enhancing Twitter with apps

     Tweeting rich media

      Introduction to LinkedIn

      Why LinkedIn is key and its place in the social media and business worlds

      Setting your LinkedIn strategy

      Getting your Settings right for you

      How it works – the basics

      How it works – the advanced and little known features

      Etiquette on LinkedIn

      Getting your message across on LinkedIn

      Building your brand on LinkedIn

      Creating the right profile: the cornerstone of your LinkedIn activity

      Developing your profile to attract new prospects and clients as well as acting as social proof for referrals and word of mouth

      Developing your network to increase your reach and visibility

      Methods and approaches to extend your network

      Using the advanced search facilities to find new potential prospects and target new businesses.

      Raising your profile and marketing yourself, your company and services

      Developing and raising your profile to set you apart from the competition on LinkedIn

      Updates: how to use them best without re-inventing the wheel

      Groups: participating sensibly and establishing your own

      Recommendations, messaging, endorsements and other on site tools
          Company tools and coordinating activities

     An Introduction to YouTube

     How to create a YouTube Channel.

     Optimizing YouTube Channel.

     How to gain more YouTube views & Subscribers.

     How to work with your YouTube Audience

     Annotations, Rich Cards & Associate Websites

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Course December 15, 2019