RPA Tools List and Comparison – Leaders in RPA Software

Robotic Process Automation is a new technology in the industry, and to implement RPA we need RPA Tools. You should have knowledge of at least one RPA tool & certifying in one such tool such as UiPath can land you as an RPA developer. In this blog of RPA Tools, the following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction To RPA
  • Core Functionalities Of RPA Tools
  • Types Of RPA Tools
  • Checklist For Selecting RPA Tools
  • List Of RPA Tools
  • RPA Tools Comparison : UiPath vs Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere

Introduction To RPA

Robotic Process Automation is an intelligent way of working on tasks that can easily be categorized by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having said that, let me explain you each of these terms one by one.

Robotic: Machines which mimic human actions are called Robots.

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What is RPA?

As the world is moving forward to using variants of technologies, so has automation improved its ways to make our work easier? Though the word automation was coined in the 1950s, very few people really understood what it meant. So, in this blog on What is RPA?, I will discuss what exactly is the robotic process automation and its various factors.

The following are the topics covered in this blog:

  • What is RPA?
  • How RPA Works?
    • How to Get Started with RPA?
  • RPA Tools
    • Comparison of RPA Tools
    • Market Trend of RPA Tools
  • Applications of RPA

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